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Cecilia smash cake photo shoot – Dora D. Photography, children photography Dubai

11 giugno 2017 blog
Cecilia smash cake photo shoot – Dora D. Photography, children photography Dubai. Cecilia turns 1 and what’s the best way of celebrating this first important milestone if not smashing some cake on the beach?
smash cake photo shootI’ve asked some questions to Alessandra, Cecilia’s mum, to know another point of view on how it feels to be a mum and the importance of memories for her. In the meantime, I will show you some images from the smash cake photo shoot Cecilia had on the beach.
1. What being a mum is for you?
Being a mum means giving shape to a love that I didn’t believe existed before and every day I’m surprised that something so small can actually be so big.

I had two different lives: one – before Cecilia – during which I thought I was invulnerable and immortal and the other started when my baby came to the world.

Being Mom was for me a point of no return. The alleged balance I had built for forty years suddenly crumbled in favour of an unpredictable course of daily adjustments, falls, false steps. Contemplation and frenzy. Every day is different from the previous one. Every fixed point in my life has been dismantled by a leap forward or backwards.

 smash cake photo shoot
2. How did your life change when you became a mum?

The priorities have changed, the way of life has changed … to give up of coming back late in the evening, going anywhere without even having a place to sleep …

But I have become richer inside, I just need to look at Cecilia’s eyes to have  my heart full of love. After work her hug erases all the frustration of everyday life. With Cecilia I’ve learned to  laugh and play. I’ve learned new words and above all I see the world with different eyes and colors.

3. How hard is it to manage family and work and to include some time for yourself?
It is very difficult, especially when you live abroad. My life is so busy between office, home, and nursery and very often I have no time for myself.
smash cake photo shoot
4. Have you ever been photographed professionally, alone or with your family?
Yes! I did a maternity photo session, a newborn photo session when Cecilia was born and now a year later! All of them with you! Even today, when it comes to photos of me with my belly, I am surprised at how much joy I can feel looking at those images.
5. What made you choose to book a family photo shoot?
I wanted these moments to be captured in a professional way. I have thousands of photos of me before and after childbirth, with and without Cecilia, but the photos taken professionally can better capture that particular light in the eyes! They can better catch the feelings involved … a bit like a picture made by a painter .. captures the essence of the subject.
smash cake photo shoot
6. What would you say to the mums out there who would love to do the same but are postponing it or to those who don’t think this is important?

Do it! Do not waste time! There is no better way to spend your money! You will not regret it!

7. How is it to be in front of the camera with your children?
The first time we had our photos taken, when I was pregnant, I felt a little uncomfortable .. I felt embarrassed. Then, I realized I had to live it like a game and then it came out the best part of us, both of us. The last shots with my daughter were fun, absolutely “leisurely”.
smash cake photo shoot
8. Pick your favourite image and tell me why do you like it?
Can I choose two? I will choose one from each previous session I did and I think no words are needed …
maternity photo shoot newborn photo shoot
9. Would you like to do it every year?
I would love it! And I think I will do it!
smash cake photo shoot

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