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Children photography session

15 ottobre 2015 blog, Services

Children photography session. Children photography is an ideal set to capture the heart of our family: children.

children photography session

Children photography is about our precious little ones, from when they are tiny newborns in our arms and we are introducing them to the world, to when they are able to explore the world by themselves as adults.

Their faces, their smiles, their tears, their personal own way of seeing things and dealing with them, their own way of exploring the environment, their daily big steps forward, their bonding with you… all these things are worth to be captured and will be yours forever.

You can choose whether to do the photo session at home, where your children will be most at ease with the environment or, on the contrary, outdoor, in a place you love, maybe, or in a place that tells something of your children or that is important for you, as a family. Personally, I love in-home sessions: I think, especially with children, that the fact of being in a comfortable environment, gives me the opportunity of capturing more intimate and real memories for you. Children love to introduce their world to others and, usually, when I ask them to let me see their room and their toys, they are happy and excited to do it and they can really focus on their activities, instead than on me and my camera.

children photography

Usually, I don’t use any props for the session, because my purpose is to capture things as natural as possible, to be a witness of your everyday life, but if you like I can help you with it: jewellery and flowers for girls or hats and ties for boys can work very well.

The same for clothes: you can dress your children up with their favourite outfit (or yours if they are not able to choose by themselves!). Colourful clothes are perfect because really represent your children’s vitality, so use them: let’s create colourful images! Or, if you prefer, my favourite colour for sessions: white. White is candid, particularly indicated for newborns, white is perfect, bright, simple, elegant and gives us the opportunity of having better black and white images.

We can also mix and use both. You can change your children’s outfit during the session, in order to have a large variety of images, with a different look.

children photography

children photography

Children photography poses

Posing newborn baby or forcing toddlers to pose is not something I like to do. I think that the best way to capture real pictures of your children, to capture his/her own individuality, his/her essence is to let them simply be what they are, creating some distractions for them, giving them what they like the most and let them play with it, but just to produce natural pictures, natural smiles and, for this reason, we will absolutely avoid to “say cheese”.

When is the best time to photograph your children?

Newborns can easily be photographed during the first two weeks of their life. Remember that, at the beginning, their face change quickly and you won’t surely miss their first expressions and gestures.

Later, at around three/four months you children will star to smile, something they do not usually do before, so this could be a good time too to capture how they have changed during the first months of their life. From six to eight months your baby usually learns how to sit alone and maybe even how to crawl: this is another milestone in their life and one that gives you the opportunity to have a different kind of pictures, more dynamic ones.

Then one year when maybe they can walk on their own and then… whenever you feel the need to capture their beauty, their way of being so special and unique.

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