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Gift the gift of memories this Ramadan

14 maggio 2017 blog

Gift the gift of memories this Ramadan. Ramadan is a special month of the year, it is time for family and close friends. 

gift voucher

That’s why there is nothing better than gifting the gift of memories this Ramadan. Giving the chance to family members or close friends to take family pictures that will last forever. Give them the chance to connect with their loved ones, maybe in your favourite place and have your pictures taken, professionally.

I can prepare for you a special gift voucher for the amount you like to gift. Vouchers are available from 100 dhs and up from there. You can give your friends an incentive to do the photo shoot they are always postponing to do, you can gift them just a part, half or the whole photo shoot: you decide.

gift voucher

gift voucher


You can also take the chance of jumping in front of the camera with the whole family: what a special gift will be to have a generation portrait of you, your mother and your daughter or of the whole family together.

Call me today at 0502467623 or send me an email at info@doradphotography.com to enquire about it. I will be happy to help you creating the best gift for your loved ones.




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