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Maternity photo shoot in Ras Al Khaimah

19 giugno 2017 blog

Maternity photo shoot in Ras Al Khaimah. Mihaela is waiting for her first baby boy. I talked with her about becoming a mum and about the importance of freezing the moment and creating memories for your children.

maternity photo shoot

1. What becoming a mum means for you?

More than words can express. My husband and us becoming parents is the best thing that ever happens to me. 

2. How do you think your life will change when you become a mum?

Becoming a parent comes with many responsibilities, changes of priorities and lifestyle and it’s making life so beautiful!But the biggest change already happened and it’s the unconditional LOVE for my child, that is always and forever.  

maternity photo shoot

3. Have you ever been photographed professionally? When?

Yes, at list once every year.  

4. What made you choose to book a maternity photo shoot?

Photographs are significant to me, that’s why I couldn’t miss to capture this special period of my life. 

maternity photo shoot

5. What are memories for you and how important photographs are for you?

Memories are the special moments that I collect trough lifetime and last in my heart, my photo albums and my memories box :) 

My memories tell my stories and the photographs help me show them and relive that moment over and over again anytime I want because a beautiful memory photographed is priceless.

6. How is it to be in front of the camera?

I feel very natural and comfortable as I want the pictures to reflect myself. This doesn’t mean that I won’t prepare in terms of overall good looking or try to make a better pose in front of the camera but I will make sure to keep it easy, spontaneous, sincere and real. 

maternity photo shoot

7. What makes you feel the most beautiful?

 Being my self, being loved and during photo shots definitely pose from my better side :) 

8. What did your mother say when she saw these images of you?

For my mother and the entire family seeing pictures of me being pregnant is very special, particularly because we are far away from each other and we don’t see very often, so every picture means much more. 

But the words of my mom to these images, from the maternity photo shoot… well, she starts by saying that we are veeeeery beautiful following other great feelings. 

maternity photo shoot

9. Pick your favourite image and tell me why do you like it?  

It’s really hard to choose as I love all of them. But if I have to pick only one it will be the one below, because it’s reflecting our feelings and its all about that special moment. 

maternity photo shoot

10. Would you like to do it every year?

Yes, would be nice to do a family photoshoot every year in different contexts.

I would like to add something from my self if I can, many thanks to you Dora, for being such a great photographer, able to catch our feelings and for making this possible.

In my opinion is very important to find the right photographer, that can understand your expectations and actually be able to catch not the poses and the best smiles … but the feelings about that moment which you did exceptionally.

maternity photo shoot


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