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Photo shoot: why do you need one?

19 marzo 2017 blog

Photo shoot: why do you need one? In the last years of being a photographer, I’ve heard a lot of excuses and all of them come from mothers.

photo shoot

Oh just photograph the children” is the most common request I hear each and every time. The mothers, they are used to put themselves behind the camera and sometimes I have to convince them to hop in front of it. There is always an excuse but what will you do, one day, when children will look for photographs of you and there are none? It doesn’t matter where you are at now, where your body is at, your children just think you are perfect.

I want you to exist in photographs for your children, for the people who loves you and for yourself, because there is no money in this world that could ever equal the value of a memory you create.

photo shoot

There are women who hate being photographed because they think they are not photogenic or good in front of the camera, even if there is not such a thing actually! What I like the most in my photo shoots is creating a mix of natural candid moments and subtle poses. My goal is keeping it real and natural and easy for you. It is not your job to be photogenic or good in front of the camera it is my job to direct you and give you the tools to feel beautiful and own images you are proud of.

photo shoot

People usually come for a photo shoot when they want to photograph their children. As newborn, then maybe at around 6/9 months, then when they turn 1, etc. The focus is mainly on them but what about you and the whole family?

Isn’t it nice to freeze the moment when you turn 30 or 40 or 50 or 60 and you want to celebrate yourself and your life?

Isn’t it nice to have some beautiful portraits for your business page or your website?

And what about taking pictures with your daughter/son or your husband or your best friend or your sister or your mother? I love generation photo shoots where you can take your sister/s and mother and take beautiful family portraits and maybe adding your daughter/s too. Is there a better memory to create for your family?

And what about gifting your teenage daughter with a beautiful photo shoot celebrating the fact that she is entering the grown up’s world? She will love wearing her favourite dress or maybe going out with you to buy the perfect one and adding some makeup for the first time on her face!

photo shoot

These are only some ideas but I don’t think you really need a reason to do a photo shoot. Why not document every year of your life and of your family’s life so that you have these photos to look back and remember each point of your life?

I can help you styling the photo shoot exactly as you want. We can decide what to wear and you can also wear multiple outfits so that you can have different looks and more variety with your images.

You deserve owning images of yourself and your family that you love. Do not put yourself behind the camera anymore. Hop in front of it and let me help you creating your memories.

For additional info send me an email at info@doradphotography.com


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